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What are pets are saying about poop flags?

“I feel like my human and myself are connecting on a whole new level, thank you Poop Flags!”
-Cocker Spaniel
“I can go anywhere I want and never worry about it being there for me or my human to slip in, simply amazing.”
“I love walking out in the morning to the site of these beautiful flags softly blowing in the wind, reminding me of where I went yesterday.”
“Having a clean yard when friends come over is just magnificent, what piece of mind.”
-English Setter
“I can now go from outside straight to the couch without a worry, my owner thanks you Poop Flags!”
-Great Dane
“My owners used to get so mad at me when they would step in my mess, but Poop Flags solved that problem! Rock on Poop Flags.”
-German Shepherd

What Are Poop Flags?

If you've ever stepped in a pile of dog waste, then we're exactly what you're looking for.

Dog poop markers can be boring and hard to use. That's why we created our fun and easy poop marking flags.

Dog poop marker flags are easily placed into the ground, so you never have to worry about steamrolling another gem from rover.

If your looking for a poop emoji flag to put into the ground so you don't ruin another pair of shoes, just click add to cart today!

I know what you're thinking... "Really...marking flags for poop?" Yup. Save time cleaning your yard by using your new dog waste markers that everybody loves.

Poop flag markers make a great gift for that person in your life who always steps in the delightful surprises that are scattered around their yard.