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Our Story

If you're anything like us, then you've unfortunately been a victim of Rover's bad joke...

Initially, we created Poop Flags to solve our poop problems. We're two normal people, just like you...

We love dogs, but hate stepping in their mess.

After creating our unique and fun Poop Flags, the word got out, and people started asking us for their own.

So, we decided to make a website to help as many people as we could.

Poop Flags help you:

  • Save on cleanup time
  • Have a clean and waste-free yard
  • Not step in dog poop
  • Keep your shoes clean
  • Have an odor free garage (because dog poop isn't caked in the treads of your tires)
  • Not track dog poop into your house

If you've ever found dog poop "the hard way", then pick out your Poop Flags and enjoy your yard!